An Open Civic Society uses technology to give people transparent access to direct democracy; is an alternative social system that can co-exist with existing political systems but prioritises people's well-being over profit and growth.

  • Profit free
  • Conflict of interest free
  • Tax free
  • Transparent
  • Truly Democratic



These Organizations are like the companies of today, but without all the bad things. They don't operate for profit, they are fully transparent and you are the co-owner. You can vote on the organization's issues directly or choose someone to represent you. They have all the benefits of the Free Market removing all of the evil of capitalism.


Our knowledge makes us who we are, Humans survive because of the knowledge we share. The Open Knowledge Organizations provide free education, protect cultural heritages and conduct research in any field. This organizations are financed by the communities and their need to pass their cultural values and knowledge; The Open Organizations that benefit from skilled workers and scientific advancements contribute and work together with local open Knowledge Organizations.


These organizations are communities, cities towns, villages or just neighborhoods. They protect the local environment and create basic rules that serve the interest of everyone, this rules can be suggested and voted by everyone. Open regions maintain our local infrastructure, like roads, they guarantee social comfort and security; These investments are secured by the management of the local resources like real-estate and natural resources.


World Health concerns everyone. If our neighbour has a virus, we will catch it. If our food is not good food it will make us sick. If vaccination is not provided to everyone we can’t control epidemics. This world organization guaranties health research and prevention offering Direct Universal Health Care to every World Citizen.

  • Free universal health care
  • Health research
  • Direct Voting
  • Universal Organisation
  • Transparent


Nowadays we struggle to understand Politics, international trade agreements or even our rights. Most of us are locked in debt and don't understand why things cost so much. Our leaders control us with fear of change. Why would you fear a system that you control and can fully understand?

Why do we need a new system?